Responsible Restoration & ​Prevention Solutions​

TruRenu LLC is a locally owned and operated company serving Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas. Our management team has spent years working in mold remediation, responding to fire, water, and wind damage and assisting clients in restoring their homes and businesses. Providing the correct solution for each individual situation is our goal--performed on time, while protecting our clients' property and without harming the environment.
Green Products
TruRenu remediates the worst mold problems using products that are safe for the environment. They contain no bleach or acid, and they are biodegradable into water and oxygen.

"We were absolutely impressed with the service we received. The quote from Sean was sent quickly, and the installation was scheduled immediately. Every step was handled professionally. The 2 installers, Ben and Carlos, were friendly, professional, and answered every question. They were courteous and hard workers, too! Everything was cleaned and done to the highest expectations. Thank you!"

Susan Coupanger

Builder Programs
TruRenu offers a builder program to apply Structure-Guard, a professional-grade polymeric wood paint and sealer designed to prevent mold and mildew growth from forming on wood surfaces. It can also be used on framing lumber, engineered lumber, trusses, millwork, pallets, decks and other above-ground applications. When Structure Guard has cured, this fast-drying coating is both mold and mildew resistant.

For treating residential or commercial buildings under construction, the best time to apply Structure-Guard is just after the dried-in state and before windows, doors, insulation, and mechanicals are installed.