Flooded Basement Cleanup

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Have recent rains left you with water damage and flooding? 

TruRenu can set your home or business back in order quickly and expertly.

Regardless of how much damage, it’s imperative that you respond quickly to contain damage and the harmful health effects of mold.

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The Water Damage Restoration Process


When we arrive on the scene, we don’t just see the damage or devastation. We see what it will take to restore your home or business to a healthy, productive, and safe environment. That’s because we have years of experience in water damage repair.

Long-Term Water Intrusion

Plumbing leaks and external sources can develop gradually over time, and they require a diagnosis and correction to get at the root of the problem. TruRenu Pros identify the source, analyze the extent of the damage, and determine a plan to restore your home or your business.

TruRenu offers an extensive range of water damage restoration services including:

  • Water extraction

  • Sewage clean-up and remediation

  • Content cleaning

  • Content drying

  • Pack-out services

  • Floor drying

  • Water damage restoration

  • Water damage repair

  • Flood restoration

  • Structural dehumidification

  • Monitoring humidity

  • Mold inspection

  • Mold remediation

  • Anti-microbial treatment to prevent mold growth

Step 1: Assess the Damage

The burst pipe has been repaired or the flood subsided, and now it’s time to determine the extent of the repairs necessary. A TruRenu Pro will inspect the path water took through your home from its original to its furthest extent, through walls and ceilings, under carpeting and cabinetry.

It’s critical at this stage to be thorough because long-standing flood water, left untreated, can lead to further complications. Quick action by TruRenu restoration contractors will help to prevent mold's health risks.

Step 2: Implement a Restoration Plan

The goal of professional water damage restoration is not only to remove the water and damaged materials. We aim to restore the affected areas of your home or business to a like-new state.

But we don’t want to save you from one disaster only to create another in the form of crippling debt. So your restoration plan will stay within the limits of your insurance coverage.

Step 3: Water Removal and Extraction

TruRenu uses powerful equipment to remove standing water and dry your floors. We will dry the contents of affected rooms, and if necessary pack and relocate the contents until repairs are made.

Step 4: Cleaning

Flowing water often brings contaminants with it, especially in the case of sewage overflows. First, damaged building materials are removed and discarded. Next, we use professional-grade cleaning tools, supplies, and techniques and closely follow regulations and best practices to ensure the area, once restored, will be safe and healthy.

Step 5: Restoration

Finally, water damage repair begins. TruRenu restoration professionals will apply expert renovation skills to return your home or place of business to its best state: structurally sound and expertly finished. 

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