Some Ways To Prevent Water Damage

Some Ways To Prevent Water Damage

We’ve all heard the horror stories of coming home to flooded basement or pulling the wall apart to discover a furry, moldy mess. We really hope that you never have to experience the devastation, frustration, and overwhelming situation of water damage and so today, we wanted to share with you several ways that you can prevent an accident that has you calling your local water damage restoration company.

Think about where you plant.

When you are landscaping your home or updating your yard, it is easy to forget that where you plant your dream garden or your favorite tree can have consequences for your home. Some plants and trees such as weeping willows can be the culprits of major plumbing problems that can lead to massive water damage. Your sprinkler, drainage, septic systems can all be victims to tree roots that can crush, bore holes through, and more. Being strategic about where you plant trees, bushes and other plants is a must. If you’re not sure where to plant that beautiful weeping willow tree consult a professional landscaper. Need to move an existing tree? Call our local arborist!

Check your roof gutters.

It’s easy to forget about our gutters, but these simple yet useful pieces of our home’s drainage system can create unforgettable water damage. Cleaning out your gutters regularly, especially after the leaves have fallen from your trees is an absolute must. Leaves, dirt, small branches, seed pods, and other debris can clog up your gutters and cause water to overflow during the next big thunderstorm or when the snow and ice from your home begins to melt. Overflowing water then flows down the side of your home making its way into your foundation, basement, and roof.

So What’s Next?

Though there are many ways that water damage can occur, these are a few simple ways to make sure that you aren’t standing knee deep in a mess that could have easily been avoided. Our water damage restoration company will be there for you if you do need us, but we don’t want to you go through a disaster if it can be helped!

Tru Renu is Here For You

If you are reading this after the fact of a water disaster, we are incredibly sorry you are dealing with that type of situation. However, rest assured that you are not in this alone. Tru Renu is here for our residential and commercial neighbors. We can help you through the entire process including working with the insurance company to get the coverage you are due. We offer water damage restoration, mold testing, mold removal and other services that can get your home back in one piece and life back to normal. If you are the victim of water damage, visit our website to learn more about our services. We are available day or night—so call us right away!